Are you getting what you need out of your romance? You may not be able to put your feelings into words, but satisfaction in your relationship can point to signs that he is The One. Relationship coach Kira Asatryan sees satisfaction as a common trait among couples who are seriously in love. Four flags may tip you off.

  1. What is the level of satisfaction with your current relationship?

Think about the different parts of your relationship: emotional intimacy, sex, communication, money matters. How happy are you in each of these departments?

  1. Are you unhappy with one of these areas?

Start the conversation if you recognize that satisfaction is lacking. You don’t have to tell him that your former boyfriend was not as reckless with money and you feel your future together is financially shaky, but you probably do need to explore your feeling of unease. Harboring a list of comparisons with exes can poison your relationship.

  1. Do you dream of something better?

If you yearn for an emotionally close relationship on top of all that great passion, let him know that the sex is great but you want to be his best friend as well. He probably isn’t a mind reader, and you will have to tell him what you need. If you want more, go for more.

  1. Do you have a vague feeling of unease?

You may not really understand what you need in a relationship if you can’t shake the notion that something is amiss. Give some thought to your deepest needs and values to clarify what you are truly looking for. You might consider spending some time alone as a single to sort it out.

You know that you love the guy. Tackling these questions can help you decide if the romance is going to last. If you find a great deal of satisfaction in your relationship, he could be The One. And if you are missing out on satisfaction in some areas, there are ways you can work it out.

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