Having sex in the water sounds like a good idea until you do it. Sex in the water is in every movie, TV show, and book, so obviously- it seems tempting. What an exciting way to change up your sex life, right? Except, is sex in the water really safe?

The answer, to our disappointment, is not really. Depending on what body of water you choose to get it on in, the water could be heavily contaminated with bacteria. Having sex in a bacteria-infested body of water means you’re welcoming that bacteria into your vagina, which could lead to infection. If you choose to have sex in a pool, you’re welcoming the chemicals in chlorine into your body. Either way, you choose- you’re letting something up there that you never want to be.

Having sex in water also really isn’t practical. Water erases the natural moisture that comes from sex, meaning you don’t have any form of lubrication. And when it comes to protection, using a condom in water is pretty much out of the question. Even if you attempt to use a condom, the friction from sex is likely going to cause the condom to break. And does anyone want that to happen?

If the thought of having sex in a body of water or a pool doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might think a shower or bath is a great idea. Still no. The same goes for protection and lack of lubrication if you have sex in any form of water- it doesn’t matter if it’s in a lake or the comfort of your bathroom.

So, sorry to break anyone’s heart- sex in water is not a great idea at all. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, there’s a lot of other ways to go about it that aren’t unsafe! But for now- when you’re getting it on, leave water out of it.