Whether you’re planning your at-home date to save money or just like staying at home (at least the weather is always perfect at home), the same old routine can get a little stuffy. Instead of planning the same dinner and a movie date night at home, think about finding ways to spice things up while in the comfort of home.

If you’re looking for ideas to keep your relationship fun while keeping your dates at home, we’ve got a list of date night ideas that will make you wonder why you ever bothered going out to begin with.

70s Board Game Night
This isn’t your regular board game night — make this date a 70s themed board game night, and neither of you will ever forget it. Board games used to be all the rage back in the 60s and 70s when Netflix and chill wasn’t an option. Get fully into the 70s board game night spirit by dressing the part, getting a 70s inspired playlist going, and maybe try your hand at making fondue. There’s always room to get a little groovy now and then.

Culinary School
Who says learning can’t be fun? This is the perfect at-home date that’s romantic and movie-like, plus you’ll (hopefully) get a great meal out of it. Pick out several dishes to learn to cook together — just make sure you have plenty of wine plus a great playlist, and you’ll be set. You might want to keep up a plan B for dinner just in case neither of you graduates from this mini-cooking school lesson.

Victorian Style
This date is especially suited for book lovers. Before we had TV, we had books; if people wanted to socialize, they spent time playing music and reading books and plays. For your at-home date, get inspired by history — have each of you pick out some short stories you’re interested in to read together. Make sure to set the mood with a comfy reading spot, lots of snacks, and of course, candy light just as the Victorians would have done.

There are so many ways to stay home while enjoying an unforgettable da