How many times have you spotted someone who you’d love to get to know better, but weren’t sure how to approach them? Not only did you not know them, but you didn’t know anyone who could introduce you to them either.

This leaves you in a situation where you either a) watch the person the entire time wishing you had the guts to say something, or b) grab the situation by the horns, go over and introduce yourself like the confident, beautiful woman you are.

Most people are terrified of rejection meaning this is easier said than done.

So that the cat won’t have your tongue the next time  you see someone you’d like to get to know better, here are some practical tips courtesy of relationship and dating coach, Michelle G.

#1 – Look for commonalities
When you see someone you’d like to get to know better, right away look for something that the two of you have in common. It can be a certain color you’re wearing or a drink you’re both having. Use this as your gateway into a conversation. It will also help you get out of your own head by reminding you that this “attractive stranger” is human too.

#2 – Introduce yourself with a smile
Research shows that people are likely to talk to someone who is smiling. Go up to them and introduce yourself with a smile. Make sure it’s not a forced smile, but a pleasant one that feels comfortable.

#3 – Let the conversation be natural
Once you introduce yourself, there’s no need to dominate the conversation. This can happen when you’re nervous. On the other hand, you don’t want awkward silence. A good approach is to ask open questions that require more than a yes or no answer from the person.

#4 – Do it often…
The best way to be able to talk to someone you don’t know is to do it often. Get yourself into the habit of talking to people you don’t know so when that “attractive stranger” comes along it’ll be a piece of cake!

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