Dating while social distancing is not an easy task. Social distancing means limiting your interactions with others and only socializing with your immediate household, which means if you don’t live with your significant other, you really shouldn’t be seeing them.

For couples who have never done long distance, and were never planning on it, this is a difficult time. You didn’t have time to prepare for the situation, and now you’re separated from your partner for who knows how long. The hardest part of this situation is the unknown end date, and while dating at this time is tough, there are ways to go about it. Here are some of our suggestions on how to handle dating while social distancing:

Still go on dates, just make them virtual

You might not be able to go out to eat or hang out IRL, but that shouldn’t stop your date nights. Light a candle, make a nice meal and set your phone right in front of you so you can pretend you’re at a restaurant with your beau. Netflix even created Netflix Party, which enables you to stream a show or movie at the same time as someone else, so you can still have those movie nights.

Plan a future trip

While you might not be able to go on those trips, you can still plan them! Make an in-detail itinerary for that dream trip to Santorini you’ve always talked about going on. Look up restaurants, hotels, even plan your outfits! There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about a future trip.

Communication is key

This time is filled with fear, anxiety, and lots of unanswered questions. This is precisely why it is so vital to maintaining excellent communication with your partner in these difficult times. Be honest and open with them about your emotions, and you might find that the long-distance makes your communication skills stronger.

Sexting is key

We’re all craving intimacy and physical touch, and although that might not be possible right now, you can still get intimacy through texting. Yeah, it will not be the same as being with your significant other in real life, but you can take this time apart to explore each other sexually, virtually.