When we make friends, we start to include them in facets of our lives without the thought that the friendship would end someday. Life has, however, taught us that things happen, and not all friendships can last a lifetime. Yes, friendships end and people hold less critical roles in our lives for various reasons.

While it is okay for friendship to end, it seems people are not very familiar with the rules that guide ending friendships. Unlike relationships where partners can draw inspiration from other sources, friends can be in a bind when they no longer feel like the relationship is worth salvaging. Has your relationship with a friend gone downhill and seems irredeemable? Read on for tips on how to end a friendship.


Though it might be the last thing you want to do, especially when you decide there’s a fallout with a friend, the best way to end a friendship is to have an actual conversation with the person in question. Tell them why you think the friendship cannot go forward. It doesn’t have to be face to face, and it certainly doesn’t have to be bitter. For the sake of the fantastic moments you shared with them, any form of communication merely stating your reasons will do.

Use a mutual friend

A situation might have occurred that hurts too deep, and you cannot bear to hear your friend’s voice or see their face. You can, through a mutual friend, tell them that your relationship is over. Explain calmly to your middleman why you have decided to take this route and why you think everyone should move on with their lives.

Take a break

Sometimes, you want to explore the option of taking a break before throwing the entire relationship away. Taking a break can give you time to reflect on what has happened and provide you with time to re-evaluate the relationship. After this period, you can then decide whether you want the relationship back or it is done for good.

Just as it is with other relationships, friendship may even be a tougher nut to crack when it comes to ending the relationship. It is normal to be angry, sad, or frustrated when you do end that friendship. But remember that your mental wellbeing is super important, and you must support yourself with positive energy at all times.