The festive period is here, and it marks a time where we spread good cheer and happiness amongst our friends and loved ones. If we haven’t seen them all year long, this often proves to be the best time to gather our families together for fun times in each other’s company. So, how can you show someone you care this season?


Buying gifts is an agelong tradition when it comes to showing affection. When buying someone a gift, you want to make sure that you are not just picking something off the rack and wrapping it up without a thought. Infuse your gift with personality, one that your recipient would be delighted to have. You also want to make sure that you are buying someone something you think they need so, they can appreciate your thoughtfulness even better.


This can be as effective, maybe even more effective than gifts. Certain times, we may not have the funds to buy our favorite person the gifts they desire, but one way to let them know you care is by showing them you do by your actions! Ask if they need help with a task if you see that they are struggling with getting something done. Just do it!

Show interest

Nothing shows that you care better than showing an avid interest in what is being discussed with you by a loved one. Refrain from getting distracted, since this nullifies your effort.

Genuinely ask how they are feeling

This is a time families come together to have fun. Behind all the joy, some people may be dealing with issues that have affected their wellbeing all year long. By being observant and genuinely asking how they’re feeling, you may be the outlet the person has been looking for to channel their emotions.

Showing someone you care can be done in so many ways. You can check up on them and know when to pull back if they feel smothered, trust them with deep thoughts, and empathize with them when they feel sad about life issues. Help them find solutions whenever you can and spread the holiday cheer!