A one night stand might sound as simple as that: a one night stand. But, how come when you do one, it feels so complicated? Although a one night stand might sound easy and feelings-free, it can sometimes be quite the opposite. One night stands are like a game of chance- sometimes good, sometimes a total flop.

They’re certainly not for everyone, but tons of people enjoy a one night stand. If you’re thinking of venturing in- or are already in- the one night stand world, here is some advice to get you through your next one night stand experience:

Find someone you like

Although figuring out if you want your one night stand before sleeping with them might be hard, it can be easy to tell if you initially like someone just from meeting them. Make sure they’re kind, respectful, and you get along somewhat. Even if you never see or hear from them again, you want to go home with someone who is going to respect you and who you at least sort-of like.

Be safe

And by that, I mean- condoms, condoms, condoms. Using condoms with a one night stand is the most important advice you could ever hear. A one night stand means it’s probably with someone you don’t know very well, meaning you don’t know their past and any, um, baggage they carry along with them. Avoid unwanted STDs and pregnancies and wrap it before you tap it.

Do it because you want to

You should never, ever feel pressured to have sex with anyone- ever. Especially not during a one night stand. Even if all your friends are doing it, you shouldn’t feel pressured to take part. And you should never feel pressured from the other person to have sex. Do it because you want to and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, take that as a sign to dip from the situation ASAP.


A one night stand is the perfect time to experiment with sex because you don’t have to feel scared or embarrassed about what the other person is going to think about you. If you’ve been wanting to try a new sex position for months and have always been too scared to try it, a one night stand is the perfect opportunity. As long as whatever you want to try is okay with your partner, go ahead and give it a try!

Have fun

One night stands are supposed to be no strings attached, feelings-less, and fun! In addition to being safe, it’s just as important to have fun! If at any point you start to feel uncomfortable during the one night sex, don’t feel bad for asking your partner to stop. They should respect you and stop if you request so. A one night stand is the perfect opportunity to let loose and have fun, so don’t get too much in your head thinking about what will come after- stay in the moment!

Don’t expect more

One night stands usually mean it’s just for one night. Even if you fall in love with the person, you can’t go into a one night stand expecting a relationship to come from it. Most people going into one night stands are looking for an uncomplicated situation with no expectations to come from it. And if you and your one night stand partner end up having feelings for each other and wanting something more- great! But most of the time, a one night stand is going to be just that.