More couples are accepting the idea of having an open relationships where each partner is allowed to be with someone else without risk of repercussions. Depending on the couple, it may be okay for one to sleep with another person when they are out of town. Then there are couples who are okay with bringing another person into the bedroom for sexual purposes only.

If you’re thinking of having an open relationship, or are just curious at how others do it, check out these 5 “preliminary” tips you should follow, so your open relationship doesn’t end your relationship.

#1 – Everyone has to be on board: This may go without saying, but’s important that everyone is onboard with this relationship arrangement. There’s a chance one person may agree just to keep the other one around, which is never a good idea.

#2 – Create your deal breakers: In each arrangement, make sure that you and your partner are clear on the rules of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

#3 – Pick a time to check back in: At some point, you want to agree on a time to check back in to see how both parties are feeling about the relationship. That may be two, four or six months after you start.

#4 – Its okay to be jealous: If you find yourself feeling jealous, be open about it. Do not try to bury it. If you do, the jealousy will build up and you’ll find yourself ready to explode.

#5 – Make a “No Bang List”: Make a list of people who neither of you can cross the sexual line with. That may be friends, family members, mutual friends and co-workers.

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