Just 30 minutes ago the two of you were laughing. Now, he’s stormed out and you’re in tears because apparently you’ve just had a fight. Yes, you two are very happy and very much in love, but there are some fights so common even the happiest couple may fight over them. See the 5 issues below you and your significant other may eventually butt head about.

Money. It’s no surprise that this made the list. Money can pop off an argument between even the happiest couples. Situations as to why varies. One could be a big spender while the other one is a penny pincher. Writer, Gilda Carle, PhD, for Match.com suggests that couples open three bank accounts. An account for each of you and then one you share together.

Sex. Behind money comes sex on the list of common fight starters. One person is usually in the mood and the other one isn’t. Sometimes, a simple fix is just letting the other one know how much you love them before sex ever comes up. Whether it’s through sweet text messages, hugs or just starring into their eyes and telling them how much you love them, making each other feel appreciated outside of sex is meaningful.

Nothing. Ever asked your significant other, “What’s wrong?” and they respond “Nothing”. You know it’s something because their behavior is different, yet they won’t share. This one usually stems from some small misunderstanding. Be careful because this can blow up fast.

Bathroom Habits. Besides the bedroom, no other room in the house can set off a bigger argument than the bathroom. From loose hairs and cigarette ashes to used towels and toilets not flushed, you can truly set off your partner’s pet peeves in the bathroom.

House Guests. When the in-laws or old pals decide to make a visit, it can throw off the balance of your home. Things you’re used to doing in your home may have to be curved or eliminated. Plus, there’s the extra cleaning and shopping for food that you have to consider. If you want to avoid an argument here, try to set a time limit for your guests.

What about you? Have you and your significant other ever had a blow up over these issues? How do you handle them? Please share.

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