They say true love is hard to find, so when you’ve got it be sure to hold on to it. That means saying more than the usual, “I love you”. You’ve got to get creative and put in some extra effort. Don’t get alarmed. Showing your partner that you love them can be effortless. For example, a simple compliment will go a long way. Tell him how great he looks, or good he smells. Let him know that his body is hot. Every man wants to know that he’s adored. Never assume he “knows”. Hearing it from you means much more. Not only is it good for him, it also reminds you why you got with him in the first place which is always good for relationship morale. Other ways to let him know he’s adored include:

  • Stay looking hot for him. Wear that dress that he likes. Or, do your hair the way he loves to see it.
  • Cook his favorite meal. There’s something about a woman embracing her domestic side that is really appealing to a man. Surprising him with his favorite meal will mean the world to him.
  • Say thank you. Remember when you were a child how your mother told you to say please and thank you. Well, it’s important to do it in your relationship as well. Don’t take the things he does for granted. Show him that you appreciate him by telling him thank you.
  • Pick him up something from time to time. When you’re out shopping for yourself, grab something for him too.
  • Leave him notes. Leave him sweet notes. Not a “to-do” list.

What tiny things do you do to show your man that you love him?

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