Whether you’re just getting back to dating or you’ve been actively looking for the one for a while, 2020 can be a year of trying it in a new way. It can feel like the biggest chore if you’ve been doing it for a long time. Everything starts looking the same, and you’re reliving the same conversations over and over again like it’s Groundhog day.

While you can’t control when or how you find your perfect person and the start of a beautiful relationship, you can deal with dating in a more fun way.

Use the Appropriate App
Are you using the right app for you? Tinder is not the only app out there anymore, and there are plenty out there that are curated based on your needs. If you’re looking for a nice, Jewish boy, try Jdate. If you’re into polyamorous relationships, you should use a polyamorous-friendly site or app. Your chances of meeting someone right for you are much higher if you curate to your preferences.

Set Aside Time for Dating
It can feel very hectic if you throw in profile viewing, messaging, and dating into your routine without rhyme or reason. It might feel very stressful. Instead, set aside time for yourself to go through dating profiles and respond to messages. You can also make certain days of your week into date days and others into your own Netflix and chill time.

Date Yourself
Do you have places you’d like to visit whether or not you’re on a date? Make it a priority to choose date destinations that you’d like to visit this year. If you want to check out a new exhibit, ask your date to join you instead of sticking to the same old drinks routine. You’ll find it more exciting for yourself, and you’ll get to know whether they fit into your routine better.