Sounds like all the single ladies are laying off the booze.We all know what a crucial role alcohol plays in getting people together. It lends men courage, and it lends women the kind of forbearance that makes that courage endearing rather than annoying. Social lubricant, amiright? In any case, the American Sociological Society has just published a study which states that women drink more when married than when single, while men actually drink less after they’ve tied the knot.MORE FROM YOURTANGO: Three Surprising Myths About MenOur buddies at HowAboutWe have discussed some of the ins and outs of these findings, but the gist is that these “typical” marriages, in which the women drink more and the men drink less, are happy ones. The study looked at data gathered from thousands of Wisconsinites and the researchers conducted comprehensive interviews with 120 people (ideally also cheeseheads).The data also shows that married ladies and divorced fellows quaffed more go-go-juice than their brothers and sisters of any love stage or marital status. Most people would initially rationalize that these wedded ladies and divorced gentlemen are just celebrating their good fortunes, but the fact that divorced men kill themselves at a pretty alarming clip sorta negates that hypothesis. Way Too Many Married Couples Kiss Less Than Once A Week MORE FROM YOURTANGO: 5 Kinds of Trust Every Marriage NeedsThis quote from the architects of the study is also pretty telling: “Our qualitative results suggest this [increased drinking] occurs because men introduce and prompt women’s drinking, and because divorced women lose the influence of men’s alcohol use upon dissolution.” The translation is that men would drink more if some lady wasn’t telling them not to, and women get liquored up as a way of sharing a hobby with their fella.If my extensive and very personal research into the subject means anything to you, I’d say that male drinking is 90 percent for the express purposes of meeting women, and 10 percent for improving the taste of food and making the outdoors tolerable.MORE FROM YOURTANGO: Love Bytes: What He’s Really Thinking About Before The Wedding