Have you ever used (or thought about using) a matchmaker before? Matchmakers are what I like to call God’s human cupids who are there to guide you in the direction of ever-lasting love. If you’re lonely or sick and tired of heartbreak, you should consider a matchmaker. Instead of going through a pitiful cycle of “love had, love lost”, a matchmaker can pair you up with a great partner who honors and cherishes you.

But, beware. That’s the beautiful side of matchmaking. If you don’t hire a matchmaker that’s right for you, you could end up paying for a bunch of heartbreak. And as the saying goes… you can do bad all by yourself. Digital matchmaker and relationship coach, Michelle G. suggests you remember these 3 things when hiring a matchmaker…


#1 – Make sure the person has a proven process or approach to helping their clients find a match.

#2 – Make sure the person you’re considering understands what it means to “invest in a long-term relationship”.

#3 – Make sure the person you’re hiring has a “track record of results”.

If you keep these 3 things in mind when hiring your own cupid, you can trust that the person you’ve selected will deliver you the results you want.

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