Time to reconsider eveyrhing you thought you knew about love: popular romance author Nicholas Sparks has separated from his wife of 25 years. Sparks and his wife Cathy, who he considered his muse, lived in North Carolina and once spoke of leaving the kids at home and traveling alone together. The couple are not taking this decision lightly blah blah private matter blah blah children’s sake blah blah.What this means for Nicholas Sparks, the man who brought us The Notebook, is clear – he’s lost the love of his life and he’ll soon get her back in the rain. But what does this mean for the rest of us? What happens when the author of books called True Believer, The Lucky One and At First Sight can’t keep a marriage together? Is “The Notebook” even streaming anymore?In any case, looks like Nicholas Sparks will be the one crying into his Ben & Jerry’s.READ MORE: More People Are Remarrying Than Ever Before