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Put Your Breakup Behind You

A new book, The Breakup Bible, offers helpful tips for moving on from a breakup or divorce, including the one thing you must do to move on.

Solving Your Relationship Problems

Love woes? Here are two simple first steps to improve your relationship.

Where Do We Meet Potential Partners?

It's the question of the ages, and science has the answer.

Top 5 iPhone Photo Apps for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for egg nog, ugly sweaters and holiday photos. Instead of lugging around your camera to your latest party on top of all the gifts you need to carry, consider taking your...

The Gift of Beauty

The Three Wise Men—who, in the Christmas story, came bearing gold, frankincense and myrrh for Jesus when he was born—sure knew how to give a good gift. But Christmas isn’t the only religious or...

Why Creepy Guys Can’t Take a Hint

A new study shows that unattractive men just looking to hook up overestimate women's interest.

Working Moms May Be Happier Than Stay-at-Home Moms

The latest research shows health differences as well.

Brace Yourself: It’s Breakup Season!

Warning: We're currently smack dab in the annual peak time for couples calling it quits.

It’s a Wonderful Workplace: Flexibility Promotes Good Health

When you negotiate that raise, be sure to bring up workplace flexibility as a must-have.