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How to Handle Difficult People

Plagued by a passive-aggressive mom or an overly dramatic best friend? Here's how to identify and deal with these hard-to-handle personalities.

You’re Not “˜Crazy’-No Matter What Your Partner Says

Is your partner gaslighting you? If you've ever felt crazy in a relationship, this is for you.

The Health Benefits of Marriage

Discover how a good marriage can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.

Are You Stuck In A Dating Rut?

If you feel like you keep falling for and failing with the same type of guy, here's how you can break that bad boyfriend habit.

Why the Workplace Is a Hot Spot for Romance

A few key factors make the office a perfect target for Cupid's arrows.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: Can Breakups Lead to Marriage?

Ever known a couple that broke up only to get engaged shortly after getting back together? Find out why (and what Justin Timberlake has to do with it).

Attachment Styles: Favorite Male Characters

The way you relate to others can mean all the difference between a relationship flourishing or falling apart. Not sure what attachment style—secure, avoidant, or anxious—you or your partner has? Let these well-known dudes...

Attachment Styles: Favorite Female Characters

The way you relate to people affects all of your relationships, be it with a spouse, friend, work colleague, relative or romantic fling. Your “attachment style” is a key component, but it’s tricky figuring...