Ladies, when’s the last time someone’s given it to you straight when it comes to men? No, not the typical all men are dogs bashing session. But, told you what you’re possibly doing that turns them off. It’s a different way of thinking that most women aren’t used to for sure. However, the reality is – women aren’t perfect either. There’s an article on the that covers what 21 different men saw as red flags in women. Or, as they blatantly put it – red flags used to determine if a woman is a “loser”. If you’re having a hard time keeping a steady relationship, you may want to see if you’re guilty of any of the stuff below.

Women who do the following:

  • Verbally abuse their SO in public
  • Need to snoop
  • Can never make a decision without “their girls” first
  • Like to embarrass guys in public
  • Constantly say things like, “A real man would…”

Here are personality defects or habits that men find very annoying:

  1. Gold diggers: These are women who look for someone to support them.
  2. Haters: Women who are always hating on others and then swear others are hating on them.
  3. Sex attention seekers: These are women who use sex for attention.
  4. Celebrity obsessed: Women who care more about what’s happening with celebrities than with what they’re doing in their own lives.

Moving on…..

5. Being proud of their inability to cook or do simple chores.
6. Women who approach men randomly and insist they buy them a drink.
7. Women who label men who find them attractive, but who she doesn’t feel the same about as “creepy”.
8. Women who have a long history of ex-boyfriends who were all jerks.

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