It’s often hard to realize you are in a toxic relationship because of the love and connection you feel towards your partner. However, sometimes we are the toxic ones. It can be even harder to recognize this in ourselves than in others. These are some signs you should look out for in yourself.

You Never Tend To Fix Problems

If you ignore problems in your relationship, they can build up over time and damage your relationship. Problems are a normal part of every relationship and should be appropriately handled. If you neglect your issues and never help to fix them, your partner can resent you over time.

You Threaten Your Partner

If you tend to threaten your partner often, it is a sign you are the toxic one. Bringing up break-ups and ultimatums during fights is not the right way to solve problems. Instead of giving you power, it makes you unfair and overly controlling. A relationship should be about communication and mutual consent.

You Allow Other People To Meddle In Your Relationship

It’s a good idea to ask a friend for advice from time to time, but you shouldn’t follow what other people believe blindly. Only you and your partner understand what is going on in your relationship, and you should be the ones that make the decisions.

You Play The Victim

If you always feel like you are being mistreated in a relationship, even though there aren’t any significant issues, there is a big chance you are manipulative. If this is the case, think more in-depth why you feel like a victim all the time. This kind of behavior can harm both you and your partner.

You Love Drama

Drama should be reserved for TV shows, and you should keep it as far away from your relationship as possible. However, if this is not the case, and you enjoy drama, you are likely the cause of many quarrels.

You Only Think About Your Needs

It’s normal to love yourself and to put yourself first. However, you should always have your partner’s needs and desires in mind. Make sure you are not self-serving and manipulative in your relationship.