This 4th of July weekend spend plenty of time with your sweetie. Wondering what kind of things you can do? Whether it’s the sizzling long days or the festive nights, there are plenty of ways to make this Independence Day one you two will never forget. Take a look at these date ideas below:


Enjoy the beach. Take a trip to the beach and enjoy the water.

Watch the fireworks together. This may seem like a given, but don’t forget to enjoy the fireworks together. It’s the perfect way to remember the sparks in your own relationship.

Go see a parade. Parades are happening all across the country. Go and enjoy a parade together.

Family BBQ. If you and your sweetie are serious about each other, this may be the perfect time to spend with family at a back yard BBQ.

Plan a road trip. Go on a road trip with your sweetie. Decorate your ride with patriotic symbols such as flags and hit the road. It’ll be fun seeing how other places also celebrate the 4th.

Go to a museum. Take a trip to a museum, preferably one centered on American history and enjoy learning something new together.

Take pics. Get dressed in patriotic colors and take photographs. You can even get silly and switch up certain outfit pieces with each other. When you look back on photos, you’ll always remember that day.

Start a tradition. This is a great time to start a tradition in your relationship for the 4th. You can actually refer to the date idea above and use it as something the two of you do every year.


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