Have you ever fallen short in the gift department on Valentine’s Day? Instead of blowing your partner away with the moon and the stars, you leave them settling for a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates. Not that flowers and chocolates are a bad thing. They were just probably expecting a little more. A little more doesn’t mean more money, but more thought and effort.

This year, forgo the cliche gift and instead do something with her that’s different and exciting. With that in mind, here are 12 inspirations for date night (or day). These ideas range from expensive and adventurous to affordable and mellow – and not necessarily in that order. Check them out!


Does she love ice cream?
If your lady loves ice cream, why not take her out on the town for an ice cream tasting. You two could hit up different spots and try all of the flavors. Take it a step further by having homemade ice cream – made by you – waiting for her at home.

Is she a bad ass?
If your lady is a cool “bad ass”, try taking her to a shooting range. Unconventional? Yes. Fun? Absolutely! Especially if that’s her style. You two could up the ante by shooting for your favorite prize.

Is she adventurous and athletic?
I’ve got two words for this kind of woman – rock climbing. This is a great time to bond and communicate your goals with one another. If you’ve been having problems, this is a great time to find solutions.

Is she into water sports (and are you some place warm)?
If you so happen to live near water – and it isn’t too cold, take your love jet packing, jet skiing, or boat riding.

Does she ride horses? 
Whether she’s use to riding horses or not, horse back riding is a fun activity you could do together. 

Is she super artsy? 
For the partner who is super artsy, why not try painting a canvas together? You never know what you may come up with.

Do you have any non – cliche Valentine’s Day ideas? Share them!