Ever wondered whether you’re compatible with someone based on their love language, or wanted to know precisely what your own love language was? We’re here to explain! According to a book written by Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. Each consists of different types of love and affection that describe how people give and receive love and best connect with others. You tend to have traits from all of the love languages, but there is typically a main one that explains how you best give and receive love. The five love languages consist of the below.

Words of Affirmation
People whose love language is words of affirmation, best show, and receive their love through speaking. They love to express their emotions and show how much they love and appreciate someone through words, whether that’s verbal, exchanged via a text or written in a letter. They also like to receive this type of love, as it makes them feel most valued.

Quality Time
If you feel most in love with your partner or friends when you spend quality time with them, this is your love language. You value nothing more than spending time surrounded by loved ones. One-on-one time is incredibly crucial for you in a relationship.

Acts of Service
Do you show your love and commitment to others by helping them out? Do you feel most loved when someone gives up their time to do something for you? If so, then your love language is acts of service. This could involve anything as small as picking up groceries for someone, or recognizing when someone is stressed and helping take over tasks to make them feel better.

Receiving Gifts
Everyone loves a thoughtful gift. If you find that it’s the primary way you like to receive affection and appreciation, then this is your primary love language. You may find that you love receiving a gift so much and, therefore, like to pass this feeling on to others too.

Physical Touch
If physical touch is your primary form of intimacy and affection, then you love to show and receive lots of attention physically. Whether it’s a simple physical gesture to show someone you care, or is how you feel closest to someone; physical touch will be necessary to you in a relationship.

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