You can go to your friends and family all you want for relationship advice, but sometimes what we really need is a third-party voice. It could be someone who doesn’t know you, your partner or your situation personally, but someone who has been in a similar situation before.

And that is where we turn to TV shows, movies, and books. Characters in fictional shows can almost be more relatable than the people in our own lives. And with podcasts gaining popularity, they too have become a way to get that outside love advice.

But sometimes we need help from beyond a friend or a stranger. We need information from someone who definitely knows what they’re talking about- and in come TED Talks. If your thoughts about romance, relationships, and sex go beyond just casual advice, considering checking out one of these TED Talks:

Sex: Can we talk?

The ins and outs of sex explained. Ever curious why exactly we enjoy sex? Or how flowers have sex? Regardless, these talks have all the answers.

Talks that just might save your relationship

If you and your significant other have been walking on thin ice, try giving one of these Ted Talks a try. From topics on rethinking infidelity to advice on how to build a happy marriage, these have you covered.

Love + technology = ?

Because it’s 2020- technology is going to have an impact on your relationship. But the advances of technology often come at a cost, and these TED Talks can help you navigate a technology-driven relationship.

Talks to watch when someone just stomped on your heart

The name of this one says enough. Whether you just got broken up with or did the breaking up with, heartbreak sucks. These TED Talks will make you realize why dealing with your emotions is the first step in getting over a relationship.

Talks for the hopeless romantic

Whether or not you consider yourself a hopeless romantic, there all comes a time when we just want to believe in love. These talks cover all topics that run through our minds, from envy in a relationship to LGBT life.

The secret to lifelong friendship

Friendship is just as important of a relationship as romance. And friendships often come with just as many highs and lows. One of these TED Talks even includes advice from iconic best friends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

How to talk about your feelings

Talking about your feelings.. does that come easily to anyone? Regardless of how easily you can discuss your emotions, these TED Talks will help you form stronger relationships in life and discover the importance of emotional courage.