The Trick To Ever-Exciting Sex

After being with someone for several years (and in some cases JUST months), it can be hard to keep the sex exciting. Maybe you were friskier in your earlier days. And was more willing to be spontaneous. But as time goes on, those things sort of fade. Sex is no longer made a priority as other life demands take precedence. So, it can be very hard to keep it exciting.

The honeymoon doesn’t have to be gone for forever. According to some experts, there are several ways to keep your sex life spicy and hot. And most of it has to do with how you think.

First up, keep the energy up. That means making it a priority. Just how you would show up to work and do your best. Do the same for your sex life. That’s the first step.

Another tip is to share your desires. If you can share your desires with your partner without fear of judgment, you may be pleasantly surprised at how things will improve. Also, make it okay for them to express their sexual desire with you without judgment.

Start playing out different fantasies. That way you don’t feel tempted to cheat. You can dress up, use a different accent, or go to a whole different place.

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