According to a recent study out of the University of Arizona’s Psychology Department, cursing is a curse for women.In fact, it can even be a drag on your relationships.The research on 21 breast cancer and 13 rheumatoid arthritis patients found that women who swore in public also reported that they felt alienated and more depressed. Coincidence? They think not!

Lead researcher Megan Robbins, Ph.D., and her team pinned lapel mics on their subjects to get an in-depth look at their speech patterns. After scanning the tapes, they probably not only learned a few new insults, but the researchers concluded, “swearing can sometimes repel emotional support at the expense of psychological adjustment.”Who would have thought four little letters could ruin a whole support system? Especially when there’s a woman truly in need!The worst part is, the psychologists conversely suspect that cursing can bond men in a positive way. To which, we would like to say: “WTF?!”QUIZ: What’s Your Relationship Style? If we ladies can’t go around saying what expletives we want, then we would like to suggest some words men should avoid to continue to get our support: open relationship, gyno, my ex-girlfriend always ____, boner and pro-bono (we know that last word actually means something good, but it just sounds wrong.)In the meantime, even if you’re a lady construction worker or sailor, it sounds like it’s best to steer clear of mucking up your personal relationships because of a potty mouth. Dang it!