Depending on how you grew up, you may have heard that living with your partner before legally tying the knot is called, “shaking” which is a major sin. And while it’s totally up to you whether you subscribe to that belief or not, you should know that there are other reasons it would be better to live separately before marriage that have nothing to do with religion. Sure living together is a major help when it comes to bills, but it’s important to consider the tradeoffs.

Here are 4 reasons you may want to avoid living with your partner before getting married:

  1. It gives you a way out: Before you actually walk down the aisle, there may be things about each other that haven’t been discovered yet. If you need to break things off, it’s much easier to do it if you don’t share the same lease.
  2. Enjoy your own schedule: When you live with someone, you have to consider them and their living space too. That means no coming in and out as you please because you could disturb the other person.
  3. Romance may fade: When you live together for the convenience, romance tends fade quick. Your conversations quickly become about bills and expenses and who’s doing more of what.
  4. You’ll have more to look forward to after the wedding. If you wait until your married before you move in together, you have more fun planning things you’re going to do to your home or apartment.


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