Men always get a bad wrap for being no good cheaters, but women are no saints either. In fact, studies show that when a woman cheats, she’s more likely to do it at a certain age and around a certain time.

Whether it’s because of boredom, or mid life crisis women are most likely to cheat at age 36. You’d think it’d be women in their 20s, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a study done by extra-marital affair dating site, Victoria Milan it’s women who are 7- 8 years into their marriage who are most likely to step out on their husband.

On top of ages 36 to 37 years old being the average age a woman cheats, it seems women cheat around 8.5 years after marriage as well. So if you were married at 24, you’re most likely to cheat (according to this study) at about 31 – 32.

According to expert, Vedal who is the founder of Victoria Milan, it’s probably around this time when a woman’s husband stops giving her much attention and respect. Therefore she starts to seek it elsewhere. Just like sex is super important to men when it comes relationships, attention is important to women.

So, if you’re in a long term relationship and you want to keep it going strong, start paying attention to what’s happening in your relationship around this time.

Doing so may save a lot of heartbreak and trouble.

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