If you’ve ever promised that your ex will rue the day they let you go you’re certainly not alone. However, don’t focus on looking good for your ex, do it for yourself. Skip the juice fasts, crash diets or breaking the bank to transform your wardrobe. Instead, focus on renewing your mind and body to get the best and lasting change you’re looking for. A breakup leaves you emotionally drained and causes your muscles to react much like they would during physical pain. Try exercise in the form of yoga, start pounding the pavement or take a walk.

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A new haircut is a great way to express your independence without breaking the bank. Sleep deprivation combined with stress decreases the function of the frontal lobe, which controls your decision-making. Getting plenty of sleep helps guard against decisions you’ll later regret, while also giving your skin a healthy glow. Get more tips to beauty your way through a breakup…

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