In the summer flick “Friends with Benefits”, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are two friends looking for away to scratch the itch without romantic commitment. While of course the plot thickened, it left audiences wondering if an FWB situation could really occur beyond the confines of the big screen. Studies reveal that college students around the country express satisfaction with real-life FWBs. For those not looking for a relationship but averse to one-night stands, a “friend with benefits” could be the perfect solution. This scenario is not only limited to college-age students, but could appeal to men and women of all ages.

Chemically, however, we are not built for FWBs. After sex, women experience a surge of oxytocin, which leads to a chemical craving for emotional attachment. While men are more likely to have sex for reasons like availability or physical needs, they too are motivated by emotions. Regardless for your reason in searching out an FWB relationship, as long as you can treat your pleasure as business, you should have no problem in a no drama, no commitment, purely physical, friendship-based relationship.

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