7 Products to Make Grooming Down There Easier


1BareEase, $18


This product is available on our sister site, BeautySage, where we only sell products proven to work!

Estheticians rarely apply numbing cream to the bikini area because it can take up to 15 minutes to kick in. But you can take the edge off your appointment by slipping on a pair of BareEASE panties and applying the Lidocaine-based cream, which numbs the skin. The cream also contains soothing aloe and moisturizing jojoba.


2Project Fig Skincare, $18-$62


You don’t need to search high and low to find the right grooming products for your most precious part. Project Fig has it all under one roof, er, site. The line, launched by two friends, includes four grooming goodies: The exfoliant ($24) contains micro-fine bamboo powder that sloughs away dead skin cells; the shave gel ($18) softens hair, prepping it for a shave; the Soothing Serum ($42) calms skin and prevents ingrown hairs, thanks to water lily extract, licorice root and white willow bar; and the Hair Inhibitor ($62) is a serum that allows hair to grow in finer and sparser.


3EOS Lavender Jasmine Shave Cream, $3.50


A moisturizing shaving cream that you don’t need water to use? Sign us up! Bonus: The bottle is recyclable and won’t leave an ugly rust ring on your tub.


4Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer, $23


Don’t have time to book a wax or just need some emergency maintenance? Trim your down-there area with this handy tool specifically designed to landscape your bikini region.


5Shobha Sugaring Kit, $30


If you hate the thought of showing your bits to a stranger, check out this DIY hair-removal sugar kit. The Shobha Sugaring Kit comes with sugar gel, talc-free powder, six denim strips, two spatulas and a sugaring instruction booklet. Plus, the site provides a how-to video to take out any guesswork.


6Panasonic Ladies 3-Blade Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver, $19


Even if you drop this wet/dry shaver in the tub, it will still work. And you’ll get 10 uses per charge. The Panasonic Ladies shaver also comes with a travel pouch for when you need to trim away from home.