When you’re hungover, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is doing yoga…or anything involving moving. But as painful as the idea sounds, headstands are an excellent way to relieve your pain! We know – sounds crazy. But this move will allow you to get your blood flowing and as an added bonus, put some pressure on your pounding head.

Start kneeling down, hands loosely interlaced. Bring the top of your head to your hands, tuck your toes under your body and lift your hips up. Hold for a few breaths. If you feel comfortable enough, bring one foot in first to an almost standing position (with your head still in your hands on the floor) and then bring the other foot. If you feel comfortable to go even further, pick both legs up and extend in the air to a full headstand position. When you are ready, ease out of this one and come back slowly to a full standing position.

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