Too much, too little, just right – when it comes to our sleeping habits, we should all take a page from Goldilocks’s book. Finding that “just right” amount is truly key to happiness. We know that a good night’s sleep leaves us looking and feeling uplifted and refreshed (especially after using one of these 4 Overnight Beauty Treatments), but it also could be essential for heart happiness. In a recent study, poor sleeping habits may increase risk for signs of heart disease in young and middle-aged adults.

Researchers studied over 47,000 young to middle-aged adults, measuring calcium particles in coronary arteries and arterial stiffness. They found that adults who slept five hours or less had 50% more coronary calcium than those that slept seven hours. And, those who slept nine hours or more had over 70% more calcium in their coronary arteries (crazy, right?)! They also found that individuals who got less or more sleep than the recommended seven had increased arterial stiffness. That’s enough to keep us from hitting that snooze button!

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