Real Women on The Street Get Real About Their Butts

Butts come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you think yours is too big, too small or just right, remember that every other woman has her own unique shape, too. To demonstrate just how many different derrieres there are out there, we took it to the streets and asked women to, well, turn around and stick it out.

After talking with real women about how they feel about their bottoms, we found that although some love their booties and others think they have room for improvement, each and every one still had something positive to say about her lower half.

Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to find the nearest mirror and do some butt-admiring of your own? You’ve got it, so it’s about time that you flaunt it.

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1Emily, 25, Writer

“It’s my favorite thing! I love that it’s bubbly, and I used to hate that about it, but I’ve grown to really like it. As I got older, I thought that curves were cooler than I did when I was younger and sort of embraced it a little bit more. I always thought it was too big for body, and now I don’t even think about it that way anymore. I never want to lose too much weight there, but I dance, do Zumba and a little bit of running to keep it toned.”

2Eva, 20, Student

“I don’t really like it, but I’m working on that. I feel like its kind of flat and not good. I wish it were a little smaller in width, but I’d say it probably looks its best in skinny jeans.”

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3Priya, 26, Freelance Designer

“I like it, but I’d like a bigger one. I want it toned. A little more booty, I love the booty. When I was younger, my sister called me cherry butt because it looked like a cherry. So I’ve always had a very nice relationship with my butt. I love it.”

4Amaris, 19, Student

“I like it, but I feel like you can always continue to keep it really toned. I want it to be firmer so I do a lot of squats and different exercises like that. I like firm butts.”

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5Emily, 27, Physician

“I like my butt. I like that I have an hourglass shape, but it could be a little tighter. I think it looks best in tight, fitted dresses.”

6Mishka, 19, Student

“I’m not a huge fan of my butt. I don’t think its my best feature. I have this weird scar on the bottom, but you can only see it when I’m wearing a bikini, otherwise I try to cover it up. But I actually row crew, so I get a lot of butt toning from that.”

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7Claire, 26, Yoga Instructor

“I love my butt. I love that it’s kind of big, I love that it bounces. I like that it is different from other peoples’ butts. My butt’s actually my favorite part. I’m doing the squat challenge right now and everything, I just love it. It’s the part of the woman that I think gets lost because boobs are so prevelant.”

8Dominique, 21, Art Student

“I think I have a cute butt. I wish I had a little more of it, but I think in general it goes with my stature. It’d be weird if I had a huge butt on a tall, skinny-legged girl. I think it looks really nice in little lace hiphuggers.”

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9Sadia, 33, Street Style Photographer

“I like it, but I wish it was a little bigger. I like big butts, I like curvy butts. I do body conditioning classes, so I’m working my butt out all the time. I like that my husband likes it. I like that people actually like it. I like it that my fitness instructor likes it, he’s told me I have a good butt. I guess I’m pretty comfortable with my butt that I’m sticking it out in New York City…”

10Erin, 30, Graduate Student

“I don’t really know if I think about my butt. Its not really a problem area for me and it’s not an asset for me. I guess I’m pretty neutral. I think if I could make it more toned—I used to do a lot more strength training than I do now, so I kind of miss my whole body being more toned.”

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11Tara, 20, Student

“I feel pretty good about my butt. I like that it’s round and that it’s substantial and not too small. It could probably be a little firmer, but I do pilates, so I guess that has a lot of butt stuff in it. And I have a million stairs in my apartment.”