There are a number of things that can make getting pregnant difficult. Finding the source can be a very lengthy process, but researchers have recently discovered that we may be surrounded by it on a daily basis.

A recent study found a link between low sperm motility and the substance DEHF (a phthalate) found in common plastics. These plastics can be found in products such as, wallpaper, sandals, nail polish, perfume, floors and carpets, just to name a few! Phthalates leak out of plastic, so we’re constantly exposed to them through food, drink and touch.

Since this is the case, researchers were able to use urine samples to evaluate participants DEHF levels. They found the higher the metabolite level was in the urine, the lower the sperm motility. In fact, in the quarter of men with the highest exposure, only 46 percent of sperm were moving forward.

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