Researchers at the University de Bourgogne in Dijon, France (whose name alone gives us hunger pangs), have proven that when we spritz a pear scent, or grab and huff the closest piece of fruit before choosing what to eat, we’re more likely to make a healthy food choice. One-hundred fifteen participants were either secretly exposed to a pear odor (no word on if the researchers actually just brought them to The Body Shop) or none at all. They were then asked to choose a starter, a main course and a dessert for lunch. The pear-scent sniffers chose to consume the healthy dessert of fruit compote more frequently than the non-sniffers, who went for the high-calorie brownie instead. We love this study because it’s something easy and actionable we can try ourselves. Try stowing an apple, pear or your favorite fruity scent at your desk for a quick sniff before your 4 p.m. munchie-fest.

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