Digestive stress is one of the most common issues experienced by most people. It’s often caused by things that range from lifestyle choices to dietary choices and, yes, stress. Sometimes, the symptoms can come and go without you even noticing or thinking something is abnormal. Other times they don’t. Here are four tips that will help aid you when you experience digestive stress.

Ditch the bubbles
Whenever we digest any food or drink any beverage, the body naturally produces and ingests air bubbles. When all that gas gets trapped in the gut, it may cause intense discomfort. While having a certain amount of gas is helpful for the body, drinking carbonated beverages and chewing gum may cause you to take in more gas than is necessary. Reduce the amount of carbonated beverages you consume on a daily basis. If you’re already experiencing gas and bloating, you can gently rub your tummy in a counterclockwise direction to release some of it.

Consume fiber
Fiber offers the body many health benefits. It’s especially popular for helping your digestive system and reducing bloating. Eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help your body get an adequate amount of fiber.

Drink water
The importance of water for the body cannot be overemphasized. Water not only helps you attain fresh, supple, and healthy skin, but it aids the digestion of food. It also allows for your stool to attain consistency that will allow for more comfortable bathroom session.

Take a walk
A little exercise can go a long way in helping digestion. When you are active, your body gets the gravity it requires to help food move efficiently through the digestive system. Taking a walk can put bloating and digestive stress above.

Other long term helpful tips that can help take the stress off your gut include practicing yoga (some yoga poses helps improve your posture which could have effects on improving digestive stress through the improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms), meditation, daily exercising, and also, quitting unhealthy habits like smoking.