Deciding to eat healthier is more than just a simple decision, it’s a lifestyle change. In order to be successful at it, you have to do things differently and clean up your act – starting with your kitchen. The more organized your kitchen is, the healthier your choices will be.

Put these 7 incredible kitchen hacks to use and watch the healthier choices you make.

Chop It Up
As soon as you get home from the grocery store, go ahead and chop up those fresh fruits and veggies. It’ll be easier for you to consume all week long, instead of letting them just sit in your fridge untouched. Store them in clear containers so you can see them easily.

Out Of Sight
Don’t store junk food in plain sight. Instead, store them in pantries where you’re less tempted to indulge.

Smaller Plates
If you start to use smaller plates, you will likely reduce your portion size.

Store By Groups
When storing your foods, group them together. Dairy can go on one shelf, while veggies go on another.

Avoid Family Size
Skip buying the family sized portion of chips and cookies. The larger the bag, the more you will eat.

Refrigerator Storage
Store produce in your refrigerator at eye level so you’ll likely reach for them first.

Thinner Glasses
Think about getting thinner glasses. Thin, tall glasses give the illusion of holding more when they actually don’t. The narrower the glasses are, the less liquid it can hold.

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