Ahh, Chipotle. Everyone’s favorite “fast food” chain. Technically, Chipotle is considered fast food, but you usually don’t leave with that guilt that often comes after accidentally eating a big mac and 12 piece nuggets from McDonald’s. Oops. However, Chipotle isn’t always that healthy. It’s easy to pile on the ingredients, and therefore pile on the calories when ordering at Chipotle. The ingredients separately might be healthy, but when added together, can get quite high in calories. We’ve all seen those massive burritos that require not one, but two tortillas to close. And a side of chips and guac to boot? Yeah, you can imagine the calories in the sky at that point.

So, how exactly do you order healthy at Chipotle?

First things first, skip the tortilla. I know, heartbreaking. But did you know that a Chipotle tortilla is 320 calories in itself? So, skip the tortilla and opt for a rice bowl or salad instead. Also, go for brown rice. It has less sodium and more fiber than white rice, making it the obvious choice.

Next, pick a protein. Thankfully here, the proteins are all similar in calories, so go ahead and pick your favorite one. As for beans, both black and pinto are the same amount of calories and similar in nutritional value, so pick your favorite here, too.

Here comes the hard part. Toppings. It’s going to be hard not to get every single one, but trust me- you have to learn to pick the right toppings. Fajita vegetables are low in calories and high in nutritional value, same with lettuce, salsas, and corn. All of these add crunch, flavor, and spice to your Chipotle- meaning you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health.

Sometimes in life, you have to say goodbye to things you don’t want to. Your favorite pair of shoes, your best friends at college graduation, your boyfriend who’s moving across the country- or in this case, cheese. Sour cream, cheese, and queso, no matter how good they taste, are not the best options for eating healthy at Chipotle. If you do want that cheesy taste to your bowl, ask for just a little bit to at least minimize the calorie amount.

Skip the chips and salsa and skip the soda. Go for a simple bowl, full of the right vegetables and your favorite protein. Ordering healthy at Chipotle can still be delicious- you just have to do it right!