What Celebrities Eat for Breakfast

Jennifer Lopez

It’s no surprise that the busy American Idol judge and mother of two needs a healthy breakfast that she can grab on the go. Her favorite way to start the day? An Optimal Cleanse protein shake.

Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy recommends the shake to her celebrity clients (Robert Downey, Jr. is also a fan) because it’s packed with filling, rice-based protein—a whopping 26 grams—and is all natural and organic.

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“It gives you tons of energy and nutrients so it’s a great way to kick off the day or even have before working out,” says Pomroy. Just blend two scoop of the powder into a chilled bottle of water (no blender required, if you don’t have access to one) and you’re good to go. “You can also add some cinnamon—a great metabolism enhancer, which also helps stabilize blood sugar,” she says.