You can’t go to a book club or birthday party these days without confronting a bottle of Skinnygirl booze —  lower-calorie versions of alcohol created by former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel. And now Frankel is reportedly expanding from “skinny” mojitos and white peach margaritas to marijuana.

US Weekly reports that Frankel has her eye on launching a line of “Skinnygirl marijuana,” which would be specially engineered not to give you the munchies. The diet-friendly pot would be available in places where marijuana is legalized, like Colorado and Washington. Considering women are the new face of marijuana use, she’s probably got a billion-dollar idea here. (And as someone who could not put down the party mix the last time she toked, I can confirm that the struggle against the munchies is real.) The only question is whether Skinnygirl marijuana will come in fun fruit flavors like White Cranberry Cosmo.

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