Also known as: GarbanzoLikes: Warm climatesDislikes: None, he’s pretty easy goingHobbies:  Taking a spin in the food processor (he’s always secretly hoping you’ll order the hummus)Find him:  Nestled in with the veggies on salads, smoothed into hummus with his pals, Tahini and Garlic, simmering in savory sauces soaking in the spiceChickpea wants to be your go-to legume!  Don’t let his background of being cultivated by the Ancient Egyptians scare you off.  His long history is just proof that he’s a perfect addition to any diet.  He may look a little ordinary (maybe even boring or a little bland, he’s heard), but he has flavor and nutrition to spare!Like other legumes, Chickpea is a little protein powerhouse with a punch of fiber.  He’s a favorite addition to vegetarian diets and meatless dishes and can keep your stomach feeling full and satisfied, a key for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.  In addition, he’s a good way to get some added iron, a mineral that carries oxygen throughout the body and is essential for metabolism and a strong immune system.What really makes Chickpea unique and interesting, though, is his flavor and place in so many different cuisines.  While he seems to have started showing up on the menu in Ancient Egypt, he has ended up in traditional recipes around the world, from the smooth and savory hummus in the Mediterranean to simply roasted Chickpeas in Mexico to sweet and spicy simmered dishes in North Africa to bread baked with Chickpea flour in France.  He really gets around!If Chickpea is one of your long time favorites, he’s hoping you’ll find even more ways to include him in your diet.  If you’re just getting to know this popular legume, here are some places you can find him at participating Healthy Dining restaurants: