Not everyone can handle her spicy kick.Also known as: KariLikes: Variety”¨ “¨Dislikes: Being reduced to a simple spice”¨”¨Hobbies: Warming stomachs and hearts with a little traditional medicine”¨”¨Find her: Mixed with noodles in sweet and spicy Thai curries, served over rice in warming Indian curries, steaming up British takeaway boxes from the shop around the corner.MORE FROM HEALTHY DINING: The Top Three Reasons Legume Should be on your PlateCurry may be as varied as the spices she’s made up of, but she’s sure that no matter your tastes, you’ll find she’s a good dish to curl up with on a cool fall or winter day.  While many believe that Curry is a single spice, like Cinnamon or Paprika, she is actually so much more. What we know as Curry powder is an intricate blend of flavorful herbs and spices that are mixed with fresh ingredients like vegetables, beans and meats to make a hearty and comforting dish. “¨”¨The use of spice blends, like those in Curry, has been traced back thousands of years in India. The traditional blending of spices commonly used in Curry travelled from India throughout the world, becoming a part of the cuisine in several countries, such as Thailand, England, and even Jamaica and Japan.  As Curry began to travel the world and change local cuisines, she was also influenced by local ingredients.  In particular, the introduction of the chili pepper to Europe and Asia from the New World was a big turning point for this famed food. “¨”¨MORE FROM HEALTHY DINING: Roasting VeggiesShe is enjoyed around the world using various ingredients and techniques, but the result is always the same: a tantalizing dish that offers flavor and health benefitsCurry is now being shown to be a healthy addition to your diet.  Not only are her dishes generally loaded with vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables and legumes, but she may also help reduce inflammation and fight cancer.  Turmeric, one of the spices used to make Curry, is being studied closely for these and other potential benefits.  While more definitive studies are needed for these and other health benefits of Curry, she thinks you should go ahead and eat up!If you happen to find your joints a little less painful and your brain a little faster in the process, well, then she’s done her job.”¨”¨If you’re just getting to know Curry, here are some places you can find him at participating Healthy Dining restaurants:

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