When you get that sudden ache in your tooth, you know that something is wrong. But by then it’s often too late. The damage has been done and your tooth is on its way to decaying. Tooth decay can be caused by lack of brushing. However, there are still foods that you can eat that will help to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Sweet Potatoes: The lovely sweet potato is plentiful during the fall and winter months. Good thing too because they are believed to be good for helping prevent cavities. This veggie is packed with vitamin-A, which is important for helping to balance the pH of your mouth. This in turn helps to prevent tooth decay.

Yogurt: Plain yogurt that’s filled with the essential calcium, vitamin D and other immunity boosting probiotics is ideal for preventing tooth decay. Any food that’s high in calcium is good for building the teeth’s enamel. Although most dairy products are supposed to have these benefits, yogurt has properties that are good for both the mouth and the gut.

Strawberries: This delicious fruit is packed with vitamin C which will help with boosting and strengthening your gums.

Avocado: Avocados are high in potassium that will help to prevent tooth decay. That’s because this mineral is good for strengthening and preventing the breakdown of bone.

Walnuts: If you can get a healthy dose of walnuts in, that’s great for your teeth. These nuts are filled with phosphorous which is great for protecting the teeth.

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