If you’re in your 30s or close to it, listen up. There are certain foods you may be indulging in that you want to steer away from now. You’re in a glorious time of your life where you may still look young enough to pass for 20 something, except far wiser. However, you’re only getting older, not younger and before long you will look up and be 40. So, do what you can now to prevent any internal and external damage to your body starting with what you eat. The food you consume plays the biggest factor in the aging process. And unfortunately, most Americans eat foods they shouldn’t be eating after 30.

Check them out below…

Ice Cream: Ice cream is a food that’s high in calories and fat and contribute to high cholesterol levels. Stay away from it if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

White bread: You should stick to whole grain fiber breads such as whole wheat bread. Breads that don’t provide nutritional value are a waste of time because there is usually less fiber.

Food with a long ingredient list: Anytime you pick up a food and it’s filled with a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, then your body doesn’t need it.

Microwave popcorn with butter: It contains trans fats which lower brainpower and zap the memory.

Cold cuts: These meats are high in sodium and fat. If you consume too much, it can lead to many issues such as hypertension and other serious problems.

Canned soup: Yes, your favorite can soup is no good for you either. It’s been preserved with things like salt and sugar which are no good for your health.

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