There are few things worse than eating dinner and feeling bloated afterward- but one of those things is eating dinner and feeling gassy. Some people are just more prone to feeling gassy after they eat than others, but there are definitely foods that trigger it. Here are what foods you should avoid that might end up ruining your night:

Carbonated Drinks

A sparkling drink might sound like a good option at the time, but there’s a good chance you’ll end up regretting it. If you’re craving a LaCroix, don’t stop yourself- but limit the amount you drink.

Sugar Substitutes

Although sugar substitutes might be tempting since they’re so low in calories, they’re not good for your digestion. The sugar substitute can ferment in your gut and be painful.


Dairy can be bad for everyone’s digestion.. not just for lactose-intolerant people. Everyone has different levels of tolerance to dairy, so it’s good to know your limit. But if you’re finding yourself feeling gassy after downing some pizza and ice cream, it might be that.


Yes, gum has a lot of benefits. It can freshen your breath and give you something to do, but it also can give you gas. When you chew gum, you swallow more air, thus leading to gas. The artificial sugar that’s often found in gum is also not great for your digestion.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower contain a carbohydrate called polysaccharides, which causes bloating. They might be delicious, but they can be hard on your digestion system and cause gas. See what veggies work for you!


Onions have fructose in them, and fructose breaks down during digestion. The breakdown of fructose can cause gas and an overall feeling of discomfort.


Wheat contains a lot of fiber, and eating a lot of fiber can lead to digestive problems and gas. Whole grains that contain gluten can also cause digestive issues, especially for people with an intolerance to gluten.