Want to strengthen your immune system and boost your metabolism all while reducing the risk of cancer? Then add more grape fruit to your diet. This delicious food holds a powerhouse of nutrients that’s responsible for beautiful glowing skin and reduced stress levels. There are several ways you can enjoy grapefruit beyond just sliced or juiced. Try out a few of these recipes below:

Grapefruit and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

For a citrus twist to Brussels sprouts add grapefruit. Coat Brussels sprouts with olive oil and roast in oven for about 15 minutes. Stir a cup of Greek yogurt and clove of garlic and a dash of salt and pepper together. Pour mixture on plate and place Brussels sprouts on top. Cut up a grapefruit and spread on top of veggies.

Grapefruit and Winter Greens Salad

For a flavorful, juicy salad try adding grapefruit. Add 2 cups of chopped kale and collard greens. Cut a juicy grapefruit and add a cut up avocado. Sprinkle some olive oil and a little Dijon mustard. Mix together in some minced shallot. Salt and pepper to taste.

Scallop Tacos with Spicy Grapefruit Salsa

Not too many people can say they’ve had grapefruit with their taco, but it turns out to be a pretty tasty snack. Here’s what you need to do. Mix together large scallops, 1 Tbsp of olive oil, zest from 1 large grapefruit and ground cumin together. In another bowl, add diced up grapefruit, red bell pepper, red onion and a small jalepeno pepper together. Heat the ingredients over medium heat and cook for about 3 minutes. Place mixture in warm tortilla topped with grapefruit salsa. Enjoy!

Source: Prevention Magazine