Ah, the gas station. It can be your be your best friend or your worst enemy. This is especially true when it comes to gas station snacks. It’s tempting when you walk inside of one. They’ve got the shelves stocked so neatly, it’s easy to just grab something and go. But, there are foods your personal trainer would never buy from a gas station. Next time you go into one, here are some to keep on your do not purchase list:

Mini packaged donuts: You know those mini powdered donuts? Never buy those. True, they may be a popular breakfast snack, but any personal trainer will tell you that that is no way to start your day. With all the sugar it contains, your blood sugar is bound to spike.

Potato chips with ridges (sour cream and cheddar flavor): Without naming any particular brands, these chips go on the no – snack list. They are loaded with fat and carbohydrates and have no nutritional value.

Peanut butter granola snack bars: It’s not your fault if you thought this was a healthy snack. They had us all fooled with this at one point. This snack may have peanut butter, but the benefits are outweighed by the loads of sugar. No personal trainer would ever pick one of these up.

Energy drinks: When you need more energy, never go for an energy drink. They are loaded with caffeine and sugar.

Sugary drinks: Don’t fall for “fruit” beverage and think that you’re actually getting fruit in your diet. These drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Pop Tarts: Pop Tarts are just like the sugary donuts. They may seem like a great breakfast snack, but they are loaded with tons of sugar, flour and other unrecognizable ingredients.