It’s hard to think about the fall season without pumpkins coming to mind—from pumpkins displayed on porches to pumpkin spice in nearly every coffee drink. The truth is, though, that pumpkins have so many beautiful benefits that their season of trendiness is far too short.Pumpkin seeds contain a significant amount of zinc—a trace element that is necessary for multiple functions of the body, including making sure your immune system is working properly. Research suggests pumpkin seeds also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and may even decrease sebum production, giving zinc the potential to effectively treat acne when consumed orally. Carotenoids, an antioxidant, can be found in canned pumpkins, which have been linked to reducing skin roughness—an early stage of wrinkle formation. Another prevalent component of pumpkins is vitamin A, a key vitamin in smoothing out wrinkles and keeping eyes their healthiest.Now that you know the amazing benefits, why not keep pumpkin in your diet year round?You can do so with these 3 pumpkin recipes:Pumpkin Chia MuffinsThese low-calorie muffins are full of vitamins C, A and E, as well as zinc, magnesium and potassium for healthy, glowing skin. They’re moist so no need to slather on butter, and they freeze well.Ginger, Banana, Tofu and Pumpkin Mousse RecipeBesides the skin-glowing benefits of pumpkin, this recipe delivers wrinkle-fighting nutrients to boot. The tofu provides filling protein, isoflavones, omega-3 fatty acids and is considered a complete vegetable protein supplying the essential amino acids to replenish and rebuild our body’s cells, tissue and organs.Japanese Ginger Salad with Pumpkin Seeds and SproutsThis healthy, crunchy salad is packed with protein, potassium and fiber thanks to a generous handful of pumpkin seeds.Pumpkins are beautiful, and they can make you more beautiful, too. Try out some of these recipes, or experiment at home with your own recipes by adding in canned pure pumpkin (not canned pumpkin pie mix) to your dishes. Jenna Samsa contributed to this article.