You’ve probably heard of tofu. Maybe you’ve even incorporated it into your Meatless Monday recipes. Well, if you’re getting bored, you have a few choices, one of which is tempeh.

As it gains popularity, more supermarkets, stores, and restaurants are using it in their recipes and their aisles. So what is it exactly?

It’s a soybean-based protein which sometimes contains other beans, grains, and flavors. Tempeh comes packaged in a solid block wrapped in plastic packaging.

One cup of tempeh contains about 320 calories and 31g of protein! That’s enough protein to compete with a chicken breast. This nutritional amount makes tempeh a solid choice as a post-workout meal. Additionally, tempeh is a lot less processed than tofu.

Tempeh is a bit nutty and tangier than tofu. You can bake it to make tempeh fries or substitute it as a patty in your burger. It’s very versatile, so consider using it instead of bacon or even croutons in your salad. Try marinating it and putting it on the grill before serving up tempeh sliders!

Bon appetit!