He’s simple and gives you more bang for your buck.Also known as: BeansLikes:  A good long soak in a boiling potDislikes: Only being remembered on MondaysHobbies: Edging out beef, chicken and pork for a place on your plateFind him: In favorite foods around the world, from comforting soups to cool salads and everything in betweenMORE FROM HEALTHY DINING FINDER: Appetizers Steal the ShowLegume is a little food with a big effect!  He’s been in our kitchens and on our plates for thousands of years and isn’t about to give that up.  In fact, he’s only becoming trendier, thanks to the popularity of veggie-rich diets and the growing list of health benefits he adds to your diet.  Legume is as worldly as he is down to earth and happy on any table on which you serve him.  Legume is the red lentils in your Curry, the black beans in your burrito, the Chickpea in your hummus, and the edamame next to your Sushi, and he is ready to be more than your go-to ingredient for Meatless Monday for these top three reasons:

  • Budget Friendly – Legume wouldn’t call himself a cheap date.  He prefers think of himself as all the flavor with a little extra spending money left over.  Legume brings the nutrition without putting a dent in your budget, leaving more room for a glass of wine with dinner or a movie after your meal.”¨
  • Protein Packed – Beef, chicken, pork and fish may be the big names in the protein world, but they’re not the only players.  Legume is loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, plus he’s very low in fat and cholesterol-free.”¨
  • Full of Fiber – Just like the fruits and veggies, Legume spends time with in the garden and has plenty of fiber to help fill you up and keep you fuller longer.  In addition, studies show that this same fiber can help lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of diabetes and help you maintain a healthy weight.  Yes, he can be full of hot air but, with a little finesse in the form of extra soaking time, that can be prevented.

MORE FROM HEALTHY DINING FINDER: Don’t Let “Side” Steer You WrongLooking for new ways to enjoy health and budget-friendly Legume?  Try these menu choices from participating Healthy Dining restaurants:

  • Red Beans and Rice Platter at Oby’s (550 calories, 9 g fat).  Located in MS.”¨
  • Healthy Chicken Bowl at Sombrero (580 calories, 13 g fat).  Located in CA, AZ, MO.”¨
  • Pan Seared Redfish Fillet at Table 100 (570 calories, 25 g fat).  Located in Flowood, MS.”¨
  • Bean Burrito at Taco John’s (360 calories, 9 g fat).  Located nationwide.”¨
  • Veggie Burger at Edina Grill (540 calories, 27 g fat).  Located in Edina, MN.”¨
  • Black Bean Tostada at Tio Leo’s (410 calories, 12 g fat).  Located in San Diego, CA.”¨
  • Tempeh Sandwich at Groveland Tap (530 calories, 25 g fat).  Located in St. Paul, MN.

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